About MusicFilmWeb

See the music. Hear the film.

The only thing we like more than music is films about music. So in November 2010 we launched MusicFilmWeb.com, the first online resource devoted exclusively to music films (and "the best damned music documentary site on the planet," according to the Chicago International Movies & Music Festival). Our specialty e-zine features music doc news, reviews, filmmaker and artist interviews, reports on film festivals and crowdfunded projects, and an ever-growing Music Film Database with facts, photos, videos, and music playlists for more than 800 titles and counting, from Oscar winners to obscure gems.

Our mission has always been to connect music fans with great films and filmmakers with great fans, and now we're taking that a step further with MusicFilmWeb.tv, offering a curated selection of music documentaries and concert films for streaming and download. At MFWTV we look for music films we'd want to watch and listen to ourselves, whether it's a legendary artist in performance, the history of an influential label or unique regional scene, or the tale of a great band we didn't know enough (or anything) about before. Human stories entwined with a universal art form, with soundtracks to match.

Join us in discovering and celebrating music film. Have a look at our catalog and start watching now.


MusicFilmWeb is:

Chief Executive Officer and Evangelist: Dave Watson
Chief Operating Officer and Content Wrangler: Andy Markowitz