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Clockwork Orange County

Dir. Jonathan W.C. Mills | 2010 | 74 min

NEW LOWER PRICE! Black Flag, Circle Jerks, T.S.O.L., and more in the story of the unlikely birthplace of hardcore punk.

Costa Mesa, California, may seem an unlikely place for a youth rebellion. But in the late 1970s, in the heart of suburban, self-satisfied Orange County, a bar called the Cuckoo's Nest started booking bands full of bored, disaffected kids who played loud and fast and routinely got beaten up for their ripped clothes and funny hair, until they started beating back and forged a musical revolution. Featuring a clutch of historic performances and an honor roll of hardcore veterans - Circle Jerks' Keith Morris; Black Flag's Henry Rollins and Chuck Dukowski; T.S.O.L.'s Jack Grisham, Greg Kuehn, and Mike Roche; plus members of the Adolescents, the Vandals, Agent Orange, and the Crowd - Clockwork Orange County is a rollicking look back at life "behind the Orange curtain," the cradle of skatepunk and slam dancing and the launching pad for a scene that burned briefly and brightly before falling victim to violence and harassment, but still influences each new generation of American punks.

MFW Nugget

Clockwork Orange County's working title was We Were Feared.

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Black Flag
Henry Rollins
Jello Biafra
Keith Morris
Chuck Dukowski
Jack Grisham
Mike Roche
Duane Peters
Jerry Roach
Tony Reflex
Steve Soto
Joe Escalante
Greg Kuehn
The Diffs
Death Punch
Rikk Agnew
Casey Royer
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