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Last Days Here

Dir. Don Argott, Demian Fenton | 2011 | 92 min

A raw character study of Bobby Liebling, the aging, addicted, agoraphobic, self-sabotaging lead singer of cult doom metal progenitors Pentagram.

When we meet Bobby Liebling in Last Days Here, the on-again/off-again frontman of underground metal legends Pentagram is propped up on a couch in his filthy basement room at his parent’s house. His hair is long, stringy, shock white. He picks incessantly at his scabby junkie’s arms and lights up a rock of crack in a small glass pipe. He looks like death. At the end of the 1980s, things seemed promising for Bobby and and his band, but bad luck and trouble pursued them: record deals gone wrong, internal disagreements, and, last but not least, Liebling’s tendency toward self-destruction. Don Argott and Demian Fenton’s doc traces Bobby’s struggle to emerge from the basement in one final bid to reclaim his life, midwifed by Sean “Pellet” Pelletier, his manager and biggest fan, and an improbable romantic relationship. This is more than the typical tale of rock ‘n’ roll addiction and redemption - drugs are as much a symptom as a cause of Bobby’s problems. It's a portrait of one man struggling to overcome a mountain of demons, and the almost superatural devotion with which another tries to keep him climbing.

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In 2011 Last Days Here won jury awards for best music documentary at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam and best international music documentary at Beefeater In-Edit in Barcelona.

Bobby Liebling
United States
cult hero
doom metal