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Songs of Redemption

Dir. Amanda Sans, Miquel Galofre | 2013 | 78 min

NEW LOWER PRICE! In Jamaica's most notorious prison, an acclaimed music program offers inmates a route out of violence and despair.

The Enlightenment poet William Congreve’s famous maxim that "music has charms to soothe a savage breast" could find no better testing ground than prison - and perhaps no more unlikely one than the Kingston's Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre, better known as the General Penitentiary. "GP" is the most notorious prison in Jamaica, a country not generally known for a progressive penal system, but within its imposing brick walls inmates have access to musical training, a radio station, and recording facilities as part of an education and rehabilitation program officials credit with significantly reducing once-rampant violence. Taking cameras inside GP for the first time, Songs of Redemption weaves intimate portraits of incarcerated artists like dub poet Jerome Tucker, reggae rapper Pity More, and singer-songwriter Serano Walker to show how the ability to make music has affected prisoners’ lives, providing not just a desperately needed creative outlet but also a means to confront their violent pasts, and to send a message of peace to listeners on the outside.

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Songs of Redemption won the jury award for best music documentary at the 2014 Krakow Film Festival.

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