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Available worldwide August 20, 2015

Street of Dreams

Dir. Havard Gosse Bergseth | 2013 | 58 min

A middle-aged Norwegian with rock 'n' roll dreams gets a chance to record an album and tour with his hero, Joe Lynn Turner.

"Without a dream in your heart ... what the hell is there?" So says former Rainbow and Deep Purple vocalist Joe Lynn Turner in this sweet meditation on following that dream, wherever it may lead. The dreamer is Jan Erling Holberg, a 47-year-old Norwegian with a wife and kids, a steady job, a house by a fjord, and a deep depression. Jan Erling has been playing bass and writing songs since his teens, and while he's never put down his axe, his dreams of a career in rock are fading into the suburban dusk. He decides to take one last shot and risk everything to form a band, record an album, and go on tour. And unlike a lot of dreamers, he has a secret weapon: Turner, his favorite singer, who hears Jan Erling's demos and signs up for the ride. Street of Dreams follows Jan Erling through the beautiful landscapes of Norway as he takes his first and perhaps only chance at stardom. Is he ready for the hard rock life with his childhood hero? Or is it all just a rock 'n' roll fantasy?

Jan Erling Holberg
Joe Lynn Turner
classic rock
hard rock
melodic rock