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The Ex: And So Say All of Us

Dir. Seán Zissou | 2015 | 87 min

An electrifying set by the eclectic legends of Dutch punk celebrating their 33 1/3 anniversary.

In late 2012 the Ex marked their 33⅓ birthday with a series of shows in the capitals of Europe. But while the traveling "33⅓ Years Festival" celebrated the Dutch anarcho-punk icons' longevity, it was the farthest thing from an exercise in nostalgia. The Ex have always looked forward, never back, and this euphoric concert film from Dublin's Practice Tapes collective testifies to the exploratory spirit that fueled the band's evolution from punk screech into realms of free jazz, no wave funk, and African groove. Filmed over their three-night anniversary stand at London's Cafe Oto, And So Say All of Us finds the core quartet of Terrie Hessels, Katherina Bornefeld, Andy Moor, and Arnold de Boer augmented with an extra drummer and the Brass Unbound horn section, pushing tracks like the swinging "Addis Hum" and the Ethiopia-influenced "Gondar" into spirals of rhythmic tension and frenzied release, while interludes featuring improv heavyweights like John Butcher, Ken Vandermark, and Mats Gustafsson foray into the outer reaches of sound.

Playlist: Addis Hum • That's Not a Virus • Maybe I Was the Pilot • Gondar • HIdegen Fujnak a Szelek • Lale Guma • State of Shock • Eoleyo • Theme from Konono No. 2

The Ex
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