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Two Headed Cow

Dir. Tony Gayton | 2006 | 80 min

A film about survival in an indifferent world, following nearly 20 years in the career of cult roots rock hero Dexter Romweber.

Two Headed Cow started in 1986 as a simple black and white road movie about Flat Duo Jets, a hardcore rockabilly duo fronted by Dexter Romweber, a live wire of a singer/guitarist who blazed like a punk Gene Vincent. The film followed Dexter and his drummer Crow from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to Savannah, Georgia, documenting their shows and exploits along the way. Due to financial and other considerations, the movie was never completed. Eighteen years later, the filmmakers decided to finish the movie by catching up with Dexter during several appearances in Los Angeles. Intercutting the old footage with present day color video, including interviews with Dex fans like Jack White and Cat Power, this is a raw and candid examination of an iconic American artist's rise and fall in the music industry as he struggles with the demons of psychosis, addiction, and violence. 

Dexter Romweber
Also Appearing
Flat Duo Jets
Dex Romweber Duo
Jack White
Cat Power
Neko Case
Exene Cervenka
The Sadies
Mojo Nixon
Skid Roper
United States
cult hero
indie rock
roots rock