MFWTV Joins Forces with Monoduo Films

Speciality doc distributor Monoduo is teaming up with MFW to bring you a bevy of great music films on demand.
We're adding Icelandic indie music doc Backyard to our catalog, and they're celebrating in Reykjavik. is very pleased to announce a partnership with boutique production and distribution house Monoduo Films to bring you some of the most enjoyable music documentaries of recent years, queued up and ready to watch instantly here at MFWTV.

Our collaboration starts with the addition of three exciting titles:

Backyard offers up a charming snapshot of the Icelandic underground as a Reykjavík musician opens up his yard for mini-festival featuring indie pop delights from múm, FM Belfast, Retro Stefson, and more.

The Ghost of Piramida takes a visually striking trip with Danish electro-indie band Efterklang to collect distinctive sounds for their fourth album in an abandoned (except by polar bears) Russian mining colony far above the Arctic Circle.

Last Days Here is the critically acclaimed, award-winning portrait of Bobby Leibling – frontman of Pentagram, doom metal cult hero, and (barely) walking disaster – in a precarious battle with crack, smack, and a bevy of personal demons as he mounts a last desperate comeback bid. (We recommend you watch the film than read this terrific March 2014 interview with Bobby in metal mag Decibel to see what's happened since.)

And that's just the beginning: we'll have three more music docs from Berlin-based Monoduo coming aboard October 1, and a special discount offer to boot - check back in a month for details.