Dear friends ...

We're not distributing music documentaries anymore ... but we are aggregating them.

Thanks for visiting our site, and if you've viewed music documentaries here before, thanks so much for your business.

As of July 1, 2017, is no longer a distribution company selling music docs for stream and download. Most of the films in our catalog are no longer available here. If you came looking for a specific title and it's gone, we apologize.

Several of the films we previously sold are available elsewhere for rental or purchase. On our pages you can read about them, link to related content on, and buy them directly from the filmmakers or other distributors. We hope to keep adding films as they become available, whether they were previously part of our offer or not.

So we're not distributing anymore, just aggregating, but our goal is the same as it was when we started MusicFilmWeb in 2010 — to connect great music fans with great music films.

If you've got a music doc (legally) available for stream or download in an embeddable format that you think we might like to feature, let us know at And if you see something here that interests you, dive in. And watch it loud.